Game Gods is a Game Metal band, a very nerd fussion between Metal and videogame music. But this is not the only influence from videogames. All about this band is related to them. In fact, Game Gods is a damn videogame!

How a music band could be a videogame? You can ask, my dear player. To start with, all the Game Gods idea has been designed as a videogame, for a professional game designer (the one who incidentally is writing this, by the way). This means it’s an unique band, with many features, most of them never seen before. All of them are related in some way with videogames. Let’s see how:

Brutal Legend

Game Metal

Our style is Game Metal, a very nerd fussion between Metal and videogame music.

“You already said that on the first paragraph, freak”. You are right, anonymous reader (who I remember to call the player), but our contribution to the genre deserves a further explanation and, why not, its own page. So be a good boy and click here.

Order and Chaos

The fight between Good and Evil is an standard, even chiché, in videogames. But not in music bands! This fight is represented in almost every aspect of the band: roles, music genres, lyrics, etc. I know you still have curiosity, don’t fool me. So click here and maybe I’ll satiate your hunger for wisdom.



The covers metalization covers (pun intended) a huge range of Metal styles, but following the criteria mentioned in the last section (the one about order and chaos, in the case you didn’t followed the child advise of reading from left to right). So, you know, click here. My bad. Click here. Here. At last.

by Wizards of the Coast


Each Game Gods song is categorized in one out of 5 groups, that I call “Energies”. They symbolize a psychological pattern for which we play videogames. Click here if you want to know how. We all know you are eager to…


(Almost) every Game Metal band bases their stuff in videogame themes’ covers. Multicovering is the next level in covering art. In fact, it’s level 4. Click here and I’ll explain then in detail. And if you learn them by heart, I’ll give you a candy. An strawberry one.



Interactive Concerts

Game Gods lives are a mix among videogames, theater and music show. In which way? Let’s see some examples. Ah, no, first you have to click here and a page pops up to explain it. Miracles of internet.

Meaning of Game Gods

And if you still have curiosity points to allocate, maybe you wonder why we are called Game Gods.