The meaning of Game Gods

The meaning of Game Gods

The first idea you can have about our name is that we have a overwhelming ego. This is what in logic is called ad logicam falacy. The deduction of this reasoning is right because, in fact, we are pretty haughty. But the reasoning is incorrect because the conclussion doesn’t comes from the name.

And this is because the real Game Gods are not us. It’s you! The players!

Our name references the great power of videogames: it’s one of the few environments in where we, as players, feel like gods. We know perfectly the system that a videogame is, control everywhere inside it, and can become a real badass.

Reality is too complex and, generally, boring. Videogames fits perfectly to the way our brain works. That’s why we like to play, because we feel great. We are gods in those virtual worlds, in where usually we feel better than in the real world.

Our logo follows this metaphor. It’s like the videogame characters become conscious and detect there are superior beings (us, the players) who control them. And to gain their favor they build a monument. In the way they know, pixelated. In this way they tell us they admire and respect us, and cheer us to give our best to keep them alive and guide them to victory.

In short, Game Gods is a symbol to our unconditional love for videogames.