Each Game Gods’ song is part of one of the 5 “Energies”. The Energies are defined following this criteria:

  • Psychology. The energies represents the five psychological principles we are moved to play videogames. Each one seeks a different kind of emotion, and each player usually have a bigger tendency to one over the others.
  • Moral orientation. Energies follow a gradual path from light to darkness. Or to darkness to light. As you wish.
  • Style. The metal genres go from light to darkness too, and some of them fits better in a particular energy.
  • Extra factors, like the voice effects (or no voice at all), the songs structures, lyrics, etc.

This categorization is strongly influenced by the trading-card-game Magic: The Gathering, and by the schools of magic in the videogame Master of Magic.

Game Gods’ energies are the following:

Death Energy

Principle: Destruction.

Description: The thanatos, or energy of destruction of every living creature.


  • Vocal songs. Only Evil voice.
  • Dark lyrics.
  • Styles: Thrash, Doom, Death, Black Metal.

War Energy

Principle: Fight.

Description: The energy leading us to conflict, confrontation, feeling part of a side fighting against the other for victory and being claimed as the best.


  • Vocal songs. Good and Evil voices.
  • Lyrics about battle in course and the war it is part of.
  • Styles: Heavy, Dark Gothic, Industrial, Power Metal

Mental Energy

Principle: Challenge.

Description:It’s the energy which makes us play, live with intensity, to feel emotions, to look for in games what we miss in real world.


  • Instrumentally speedy technically virtuous songs (as virtuous as this sentence!)
  • Styles: Progressive, Speed Metal.

Adventure Energy

Principle: Exploration.

Description: The energy leading us to experiment, getting us to know the world and learn new skills, also to imagine fantasies satisfying this longing.


  • Instrumental and vocal songs. Mainly “good” voice.
  • Mythological and video game lyrics.
  • Styles: Power, Traditional Metal.

Transcendent Energy

Principle: Beauty

Description: It’s the energy which drives us to balance, to search for perfection, to see videogames as an art form and use them to develop our human potential.


  • Instrumental and vocal songs. Only voice of heroes.
  • Philosophical lyrics.
  • Styles: Gothic, Neo-Classical, Symphonic Power Metal. Ballads.

Finally, there is a psychological principle that every energy shares. Of course, is fun, the ultimate energy that drives us to play, and to Game Gods to exist.