Unless you have discovered Metal through this band, I guess you already know this genre is composed of lots and lots of subgenres. We don’t only want to exploit all the richness that all thouse metallers sects, they also fit perfectly in the fight between good and evil.

Our songs classifyes in 4 grupos: good, evil, neutral and mixed. The mixed ones are composed of the three other elements, good, evil and neutral. It would be fun to make some of these parts also mixed of these three elements, and parts made out of subparts of these three elements, and subsubparts made out of subsubsubparts. We reserve the possibility of doing that someday.

The musical criteria we follow in each part is:

  • “Good” side is based on “positive” metal subgeneres, like Heavy, Glam or Epic (the main one is Power Metal).
  • “Evil” is based on “negative” ones, such as Thrash, Doom or Death (being Black Metal the king).
  • “Neutral” refers to subgeners like Speed or Progressive Metal, which will serve each side or the needs of the cover.
  • And we will explore strange subgenres, like mixing videogame tunes, metal and baroque. If baroque metal is quite rare, you can imagine how much it is Baroque Game Metal. It even sounds nice. And it’s BGM, like “BackGround Music”.
  • All these parts, when they compose the final result, are aligned into a particular energy. Many positive parts make a positive energy, and many negative ones make a negative one. Exactly like quarks.

In other words, Game Gods will try to expand Game Metal genre as much as our creativity permit us. Always following these guides. And in adittion to our intention to make a tribute to videogame music, we also want to tribute metal too, even if we are deprecated in the metal community as a Freak Metal band (that doesn’t sound that bad, btw).