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Dungeon Legends

Level 1


 YS IV – The Dawn of YS / Mask of the Sun, The Dawn of YS by Falcom’s Sound Team JDK.

 YS IV – The Dawn of YS / Mask of the Sun, The Great Forest of Celceta by Falcom’s Sound Team JDK.

 YS IV – The Dawn of YS / Mask of the Sun, Field by Falcom’s Sound Team JDK.

Video: Kingdom Under Fire II, Dante’s Inferno.

Genre: Heavy Metal.

YS IV is a rather curious videogame. It’s one of the few that, based on the same story, arised two different games. They shared the same soundtrack, and this is as awesome as the three previous titles (after this game, the following YS’ music was just good). Dungeon Legends is a multicovering out of three different songs of the title.

The lyrics shows the first real battle of the band. A funny story of some heroes who want to loot dungeons in where the final boss is waiting. It’s like a cliché in videogame stories, but usually we don’t care to players as long as we can crush some skulls. The title tries to compress a thousand stories into one.


Armed with my sword and shield / I will search all across the land.

I will gather all the heroes willing to save mankind

Mages, Rangers, Warriors and Priests / Join my lead, stand and raise your hands

We will dessecrate the evil, or we’ll die for our pride

Wake up thralls / Kill them all / Fill the lands with / mayhem and destruction

Earn the right to be free again

Rush and rip out every men or I will take your life

The reign of chaos will arise

Go through the battlefield

Help and heal, every single mate in need

Go through the battlefield

Retaliate, and crush the enemy

Come, help me to change the story

Raise all the way from hell

Form in front of me, my slaves

Spawn with your highest set

I call your name

Fill all these dungeon grounds

With your spawns full of hate

Set the traps, hide behind

Hunt human flesh.

Everything is quiet and silent

We can move along

Gods, protect us from these evil halls

Bless the party and the heroes

We are prepared to play

Our arms will free this place again

Now, charge with strengh

Put in cage, all these airy punks as prey

Now, charge with strengh

Have them killed, or take ‘em out of this place

Show who is the master of hell

Monsters crushed. No one left

Time to claim the reign

Heroes, light and order won again

Retreat, run away

let’s them think / they win the battle

I’m waiting for you

Final Battle has begun.

Time to feel my wrath.

My spells are to explode.

You will fall and die.

Put some flowers to your grave,

you soon will be there.

Let’s war NOW!

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