Calling Darkness

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Calling Darkness

Level 1


Castlevania – Curse of Darkness, Abandoned Castle by Michiru Yamane and Yuka Watanabe.

Castlevania – Curse of Darkness, Baljhet Mountains by Michiru Yamane and Yuka Watanabe.

Castlevania [I], Poison Mind by Kinuyo Yamashita and S. Terashima.

Castlevania III – Dracula’s Curse, Game Over by Hidenori Maezawa, Jun Funahashi and Yukie Morimoto.

Video: Castlevania [Symphony of the Night, Lord of Shadows, Judgement]

Genre: Symphonic Gothic Metal.

Castlevania saga is really special. First, because it has more masterpieces than any other saga or game in history. Most of them are, also, easy to metalize. And, like other sagas such as Mario and Zelda, the first titles’ music is better known than the last ones. Even when covering well known songs have undoubtable promotional advantages, I consider one of our duties to rescue not so known jewels.

Callind Darkness is a multicovering mainly from Castlevania – Curse of Darkness. It was the best 3D Castlevania until the recent (and Spanish) Lord of Shadows. And even when the gameplay is poorer that the 2D games of the saga, it still has a soundtrack as good as them.

There could perfectly be a Game Metal band based only in Castlevania tunes. What the hell, it could be one that covers only the music of Michiru Yamane.

Lyrics (by North and Andrea)

Enter the castle of vampires and demons

Here is my blessed cross, my whip and my faith

Galleries filled with all Dracula’s power

Time to trap him in my spell.

Nightmares are hiding behind castle’s walls

They try to haunt you, they wish to be yours

Darkness is lurking, silence is killing

Smelling the blood from before.

Full Moon, True Blood,

start the rite.

Pain, Fear, Mourn, Death,

now I call.

After one hundred years, I awake.

I return to the land of the living

to extend the vampire’s powers.

All of you will die, and form my undead legions.

Obey me, your lord Dracula, and I will grant you inmortality.

Now, prepare for war.

Fall into madness as dark figures wander

Hear all their voices, they’re crying with violence

Undead souls awaken, their swearing words rumble

Sacrifice’s complete at last.

Darkness increases, you have no escape now

You have been cursed by the night.

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