The Philosophy of Balance

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The Philosophy of Balance

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Music: Nemesis 3 – Eve of Destruction, Intro by Michiru Yamane, Kazuhiko Uehara, Motoaki Furukawa, Yukie Morimoto y Masahiro Ikariko.

Lyrics: Ultima VII Parte II – La isla de la Serpiente, Las Virtudes Orfidianas por Richard Garriot

Video: Videogames wallpapers, I don’t remember the game of the ending…

This will be, probably, the only song in where we will cover not only the music, but the lyrics. Both deserves proper contextualization.


Most of the videogames’ musical glory comes from Japan in the second half of the 80s. And Konami is the one to blame. Among all their incredible jewels, the soundtracks from the Nemesis/Gradius from MSX were particularly magical. The one from Nemesis II awakes my passion for videogame music and it’s my favorite game soundtrack, both for musical and emotional reasons. The sountrack from III was not that good, but had also nice pearls, like the intro. Even when it’s not immediately catchy, it has an strange halo that makes you remember it after time, and also fits the lyrics, that deserves a new paragraph.


The saga Ultima is legendary. Not because its music, that was only correct or even non-existent, like the majority of western games of that time. It was because its depth and its ethical system called Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, composed out of 8 virtues defined with high elegance. And it was so well built into the game that it detected how well you were doing in each virtue. The system was created in Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar and reached perfection in Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny (which is, by the way, my favorite RPG of all time).

It’s now so known the use of different ethical systems in other titles of the saga. Ultima VII Parte II, despite being a too-linear game for the saga, showed a very interesting ethics, and very fittable to Game Gods idea: the virtues of order and chaos. 3 for each side, and 3 when you combine them. And it’s not only an intellectual curiosity that comes from videogames instead from a pre-Socratic philosopher. It’s something quite applicable to our normal life and our struggling between our organizer self and the creative one.

In the Game Gods videogame you ought to choose a side. Maybe this song helps you with the decission…


Letra (Original from Richard Garriot. adapted by North)

Logic upgrades your mind.

Ethics guide your acts.

Discipline keeps you running to your goal.

This is the Path of Order.

Take it to conquer yourself.

Tolerance opens yourself to the world.

Emotion unbinds your inner power.

Enthusiasm direct your power to great missions.

These are the values of Chaos.

Use them to conquer the world.

[Ethics+Tolerance] Harmony sincronizes you with the world.

[Discipline+Enthusiasm] Dedication converts your path into Art.

[Logic+Emotion] Rationality unlocks the understanding of everything.

Embrace the Virtues of Balance.

And reach your full potential.

What will you do…

…with all this power?

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