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Enter Our World

Enter Our World

Level 1


The Legend of ZeldaOpening by Koji Kondo.

R – Type by Irem (unknown composer).

Video: The Legend of Zelda [I, The Wind Waker].

Genre: Heavy Metal.

Oh, the main them from Zelda, which is the musical reference of the saga.

This is the first cover we have made, and the one we usually use as opening in our shows. We chosed this theme, besides its fame and musical quality, represents like no other tune the videogames’ spirit. Adventure. Epic. Fantasy. Desire of breaking away your normal world to lead to an alternate reality, which doesn’t exists but in where things makes more sense. Link is Don Quixote from our times. With a sword (or a full arsenal) instead a lance. Riding Epona instead of Rocinante. And fighting for a Dulcinea called Zelda.

Games like this one, with tunes like this one, make real world boring.

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