Hero’s Invocation

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Hero’s Invocation


Final Fantasy VIOpening Theme by Nobuo Uematsu, 1994

Final Fantasy VITerra by Nobuo Uematsu, 1994

Final Fantasy VIICid’s Theme by Nobuo Uematsu, 1997

Video: Final Fantasy [VI, Dissidia, Advent Children, XIV]

The three sagas that brough more musical masterpieces are YS, Castlevania and Final Fantasy. All three japanese. The first one is a bit unknown in the west, the second is very well known for the gamers, and the third is known even for the non-gamers. So I think it’s not necessary to present the game, moreover when Final Fantasy VI and VII usually are picked as the best ones of the saga.

Final Fantasy VII popularized the saga worldwide. It also marks its musical quality frontier. Until VI, the music is absolutely grandiose. After this, maybe because the huge number of tunes per title, the quality started decreasing. But there are still jewels like this “Cid’s theme” we cover. And its epic flavor blends quite well with the main theme of FF VI. The output invoke heroes and resurrect lost lifes, specially the ones we lose when the gamepad fails…

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