Assembling the Firebird

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Assembling the Firebird

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Terra CrestaStages BGM, by Nichibutsu (unknown composer (and no, it’s not Martin Galway)), 1985.

Galactic Warriors, por Konami (unknown composer), 1985.

Video: Terra Cresta, A-jax.

Genre: Speed Metal.

Shoot ‘em Ups from the 80s were the most similar genre to nowadays First Person Shooters. They are brothers in the science of adrenaline makers.

In the mid 80s the Shoot ‘em Ups started to show their potential with powerups, differente weapons, final bosses… You cannot be a videogame expert if you don’t know where all comes from. In this game, in particular, you had to maintain your tiny ship alive to reach next checkpoint and reinforce with another ship segment, adding a new weapon and formation. When 5 of them were united, the invulnerable firebird was born. I can assure you that, on that time, that was awesome.

Terra Cresta was a good game. Not among the best in the genre, and not even the best of that year (that year’s king was Ghost ‘n Goblins). But its music reflects brilliantly the speedy spirit of the genre. And nothing better than Speed Metal to honor it.


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